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Beyound Imagination

We are Looking for Ways Beyond Imagination

Whatever You Desire!

We Try to provide whatever Componies & producers need to keep up doing well.

Just ask us Whatever You Desire! We will be happy to be on your Side.

From Dubai to Around the World

We will be where You need Us!

We ensure that companies and producers will be provided with the best materials as soon as possible with variety of offers to help them keep up the good work.  Also with having an Innovation Department, all of our customers can use best Advices from Elites.

In Hiva Shahr Tejarat (Hasht Co) we have Innovation, Residence, Minerals, Environment, Food and Shop & Retail Departments. You can have our offers in Iran & Dubai.

We cut the dealers and provide your demand straight from origin to ensure you get the best price and quality.

For more info check our Catalogue in the link below:


Hiva Shahr Tejarat (Hasht Co) Departments

Innovation Department

New world needs new solutions, so in Hasht Co we use the knowledge & ability of Elites to make new ways to Design the Future.


Residence Department

By combining modern infrastructure with traditional culture, we started to build brand new residence to satisfy our costumers.

Mineral Department

We provide the best raw materials Such as Copper, Zinc Ingots, Feldspar, Garnet, Hydrated Lime & Dolomite to help them keep up the good work

Environment Department

We care about Earth & Healthy Environment !

So we keep trying to be as green as possible!

Food Department

We offer you Most best & luxury Taste of the world!

Check out our Pistachio & Saffron Products.

Shop & Retail Department

We offer you Whatever You Desire!

Just Ask what you want, we would Provide it!